Maximiliano Roditis was born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina; home of football legends such as Diego Maradona among others. Max, with hard work and dedication, managed to play at the highest level not only in South America but in Mexico and Europe. After so many years in the sport, His extensive experience in professional football allows him to understand a player’s development in a very particular way; taking in consideration skill level, psychological preparation and professionalism to help a player reach full potential.


I’VE TRAVELED TO MEXICO, SPAIN, ITALY, ARGENTINA AND MORE. The idea was to develop a large network in the sport and learn the most from big clubs inn training and player development. I can now share all of my knowledge and experience with my players and push them to the next level. I specialize in players between the ages of 12-22. The goal is to help them reach their full potential.


PROFESSIONAL TRAINING ABROAD: Offering players the possibility to train at the highest level possible while being evaluated at the same time. Training abroad allows the player to get a clear idea of where he stands at a professional level. This experience often time turns into an opportunity to become a professional footballer. I highly recommend this experience for players about to enter College level. 

Player Evaluation

MY PLAYER EVALUATION PROGRAM:  It consists in flying out to meet the player and develop a personalized 1-2 weeks training program to determine the player’s skill level and whether or not he is ready to go onto the next level.