Benjamin Joya Equilizes the game for the US U20 in the Concacaf 2013 Championship Final - Click here to watch.. Benjami Joya Interview - Click here to watch...
Concacaf Championship Final Highlights - Click here to watch...

Height : 5'9
Weight : 160 lbs
Birth : 22-09-1993
Preferred Foot : Right
Nationality : Mexican/American
Player's Traits - Benji's tactical game is superb, his creativity on the pitch positively refelts on the score sheets; assisting his team mates and delighting those on the side lines are easy tasks for him. The Brain

Observations - Benji Joya was gifted with the ability to equally control both sides of the pitch; throughout his young career he's been able to own the mid field through outstanding passing skills, presence and an unshakable character. Benji recently made it into Santos Laguna's U20 Team where he feels comfortable and happy, ready to shine as soon as the season starts. He is the lord of the pitch, he is Benji Joya.

His Experience with Max - I still remember the day i met Max. It was at my academy game vs EarthQuakes. He talked to me after the game telling me the plans/goals he had in mind that he thought i could accomplish, which was to take me to mexico to try for Club Santos Laguna. Playing in Mexico had always been my dream. To me it didn't matter for what team, all i wanted was to play pro in Mexico. At first my parents were unsure of Max because they didn't know him and had never seen him. But they talked it out, came to an agreement and gave max their trust giving me permission to go. Max trained me for 4 months preparing me on what i was going to be facing in Mexico. Knowing he played Professional Soccer in Argentina, Mexico and Europe, he's a man with experience, so i took all the tips and advice and prepared myself mentally. The day finally came and thanks to all the support,confidence and help that Max gave me i made the U20 team. Max has been there for me for 1 year 3 months already and he has not changed one bit. He gives me all the advice i need, he's a great counselor, a great manager and most importantly a great friend. My family and i are very greatful for all that Max has done for me. My experience with Max has been great so far, and knowing him i know that's not going to change.